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What is a Star

We all pretty much are familiar with stars. We see them on most clear nights as tiny, twinkling pinpricks of light in the sky. There are a lot of talks about stars, movies, books, stories about them. But what exactly is a star?

A star is a luminous ball of gas which is held together by its own gravity. Closest star to earth is the sun. Some of the stars in the Universe are very similar to the sun others completely different. The difference between stars are their brightness and color - there are blue, red, yellow and orange stars in the universe.  

Ever wondered how star are born? When the gas reaches about 10 million K (18 million degrees F), hydrogen nuclei begin to fuse into helium nuclei, and the star is born. Energy from nuclear fusion radiates outward from the center of the burgeoning star, and gradually halts the gas cloud’s collapse.


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