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Is it possible to buy a star from NASA? 

Buy a star NASA

Everyone has heard of NASA, but not everyone understands what they actually do. Comprehension of their work is a bit vague for most people (as it is, in fact, related to rocket science), but that still does not kill the urge to ask for the impossible. We can resolve the most common concern you have in a short story: 

  • One star to go, please! 

  • You can not get a star here: we are NASA!

Yes, it might seem harsh. Therefore, to calm down, please, read the rest of the text, as it will give you more information about NASA and what/who, in fact, can offer you to buy a star.

Research the Universe with NASA

When thinking about space and the universe in general, the first organization that pops into your head is NASA. To explain it shortly, you can't buy a star from NASA, they do not possess the stars themselves. 

Why doesn't NASA offer you to buy a star for someone? 

NASA is an independent America's space agency that is responsible for space exploration and technological research. To clarify, they are the ones that explore the universe and educate the rest of us with their findings. Everything they do is achieved in the name of science rather than to create unusual gifts.

Buy a star from International gift services

It is clear that NASA won't help anyone on the subject of 'how to buy a star'; Nonetheless, there are some services, smart and stubborn enough, that allow people to get a personal star or simply buy one for someone special. 

Stars for sale! What does that mean? 

When you buy a star, you give it the name of your choosing which is registered into a private database. As a proof of this action, you receive registration documents that consists of: 

  1. Star Certificate - identification of your star's coordinates and registration number. 

  2. Star Chart/Star Map - portraying the physical location of your star in the night sky.

No matter where you are in the world (from the United States, France or India, etc.), there are countless stars on your skyview that await to be identified by you.  

At this part, you start to wonder is all this legit and will NASA recognize my star. Well, unfortunately, it is too busy taking some decent pictures of the black hole so that they won't care for your registration. 

What about the International Astronomical Union? 

The names of heavenly objects are agreed upon by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). While a few stars have names, such as Betelgeuse and Sirius, most stars have assigned coordinates and a catalog number. Thus, there is no creativity and emotion, just scientific manipulation, and no one can persuade the IAU to do otherwise.

NASA exploration


All in all, it is clear that neither NASA or IAU will help you with your star gifts and sell you celestial objects. However, you can seek out private services that offer you an opportunity to bring warm emotions into this world and sell you a bright star. 

  • Star Registration is a gift service that offers to buy a star online from anywhere in the world. 

  • Online databases are constantly monitored by experts and enthusiasts of astronomy, not recognized by NASA or IAU (as it isn't their legal responsibility).

  • No organization has legal ownership of the stars (not even NASA). Thus, a star is a part of a special gift pack (with unique registration) that allows you to identify it in the sky. 

Hope you learned something more about the Universe and the complexity of its patterns. If you still have any questions regarding the subject, be sure to let us know.

Frequently asked questions

Can I really buy a star from NASA?

NASA is a scientific institution that mostly explores the vast Universe. Thus, NASA does not sell stars or offer people to buy them. However, you can buy your star from official gift services that have an International Star database.

How much is it to buy a star from NASA?

As NASA does not offer people to buy a star, you can only get a star with international services that offers the option to buy a real star in the sky. This is a really cheap gift option, because you can choose a star gift pack that suits your budget and only from 29$ you can have your own star in the sky.

How to buy a star NASA?

Unfortunately, you can't buy a star from NASA, they deal only with scientific research of space, not with star selling. However, if you still want to get a star you can use special gift services. To buy a star, you need to follow these steps: