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Cancellation and Refunds Policy

Customer has legal right to cancel his or her order on the basis of reasonable grounds.

Reasonable grounds for cancellation are instances where Star Register gift package received is damaged, or if it contains faulty information, which was not entered by the customer.

EXAMPLE: The Star Registration gift package was damaged = repeated/refunded delivery
EXAMPLE: Customer has changed his or her mind about the purchase of the order or circumstances for customer have changed = no grounds for cancellation

Customer has no grounds for cancellation, due to his/her misspelling of the words in the Star Certificate text.

EXAMPLE: Glitches in text generator and unrecognized fonts = repeated/refunded delivery
EXAMPLE: Customer has made typos in the Star Certificate = no grounds for cancellation

Customer has legal rights to receive a full refund within 7 days after order has been approved as cancelled.

Refunded money will be transferred back to the same payment account from which the payment was initially received.

In the following cases customer also has a legal right to demand refund or repeated delivery of service.


Customer has legal grounds to cancel e-mail delivery only within 24 hours from order confirmation.


Customer has a right to cancel his or her Star Registration’s order of physical goods, if the delivery has more than 8 business day delay.

Customer has legal right to demand repeated delivery, if the given shipping address was incorrect.


In cases of online Star Registration only customer has legal right to amend his or her registration information in the registry, even on occasions where the customer has made a mistake during filling the registration information.

In cases of physical Star Registration order, customer has a right to change the information in registry without additional fees within 12 hours from the order confirmation.

In cases of electronic Star Registration order, customer can access his/her files or information anytime and change it without additional fees.

If you are still unsure on how cancellation and returns work or in case we have not covered some of the rare occasions that you might have experienced or simply have questions about, please, do not hesitate to send a message to our Customer Service or simply use our Live Chat. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions.