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In short, Starregistration.Net is a website that allows people around the world to register and name stars for either themselves or their loved ones. We always strive to take all possible measures in order to insure the best possible purchasing experience for our customers. 

At StarRegistration.net, we name stars that can be clearly viewed from the earth all year long. We are a partner of the Star Register and it audits us regularly for reliability and quality. You will always be able to find your registered star in the official database of Star Register. Every star we name is recorded at the Star Register and can be easily retrieved. This means that registering stars through our service at StarRegistration.net is very fast, error proof and official, all thanks to Star Register. This also means that we have always been reviewed by Star Register in order to insure there is no duplicates in registration and every registration is unique and timeless. We also ship the star registry certificate and other materials related to the gift. If you need the documents urgently, we can send them to you by email. Our certificates and star maps are designed and produced according to the very high standards of printing art industry, which always leaves a timeless impression on the recipients of gifts.

Naming a star is a great gift for almost anybody. We help our customers to prepare their gifts in a truly unique way, probably the way of giving they have never thought of before. People can choose from different styles of certificates that they can give. Also, our customers can always choose whether they want to receive a printed version of certificate or to access their electronic files immediately, in order to save time and money on shopping and just print the files at home. On top of that, our customers are always able to choose the star type depending on their budget. It can be a standard star or a very bright binary star in a specific constellation. Our system always allows the registration data to be amended by our customers electronically. If you have purchased an electronic version, you would always be able to get online and change the data of the star or choose another certificate style.  We are flexible to the needs of everyone. 

When you name a star for a person, it shows that he or she is special enough to have his or her own star. Naming a star is a long-lived and intimate gift as your named star will be shining brightly for many years ahead. You can name a star for many reasons, including celebrating the birth of a baby, celebrating Christmas, celebrating a birthday and commemorating your wedding. You can also name a star in remembrance of a loved one who passed away or to acknowledge your romantic relationship. Naming a Star is the perfect gift for any occasion and suits every kind of gift taste.

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