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Name a star for birthdays

Have you ever thought what to get a friend or a family member for their birthday? Something what would always be there and would not get lost in pile of other things? Naming a star is perfect gift for all ages because every time person looks at all those stars in the sky they can remeber that they have one up there too and instantly remeber who got it for them.

 We provide a chance for you to take birthday gifts to the next level. We only name stars that can be clearly viewed from earth all year long so your gift is amazing throughout the year. 

The gift of naming a star after someone is great because it will be precious even after many years.

Naming a star is perfect for someone who enjoys meaningful gifts because what can be more heart whelming than knowing that someone went all the way and named actual star after you. 

We can assure this is a huge gift for birthday. Star may seem small from our point on view but we promise this gift is a big one in the sky! 

Naming a Binary star is perfect gift for twins birthday, as you can name a system of two stars where one star revolves around the other. 

Tired of going out and finding the gift to give and end up spending a lot of time? Naming a star is a amazing gift to give but also it is easy to get for the gifter as you can get the perfect gift just from your computer or smartphone in few minutes. 

Making your friend or loved one feel special on a birthday  is an important thing. How can you make someone fell more special than them knowing that up there beside all the beautiful stars is one especially named after them. Bring the joy of letting them know that now there are two stars which have the same name - one on earth and one up in the sky.