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Where can I buy a star?

The answer to this question is simple: You can buy a star from commercial gift service providers that have a star naming database. If you believe you can buy a star from scientific bodies like NASA or IAU, then No, you cannot. See detailed articles on these subjects in our articles Buy a Star from NASA: Can you do that? and Buy and Name a Star with IAU: Is that possible?

The only question remains: What is the best site to buy a star, and which service provider should I choose?

It is hard to choose one given various places to buy a star. It is hard to evaluate which service provider suits you most and which websites you should avoid at all costs. No worries, though; a comprehensive and easy-to-use analysis has been made to help you out!

The Best Site to Buy a Star

Definitely, the things that are important to star buyers can differ. One might prefer a good-looking gift package, while others could be looking for the best prices, an easy purchasing process, or even fast delivery. There is much more than that, so the comparison considers everything possibly crucial to a customer.

Aspects evaluated are:

Gift The gift package and what it includes

Dollar Sign Overall pricing and possible hidden costs

Delivery Delivery options, speed, and pricing

Bright Star Verified Customer reviews

Loupe Ability to find your star after purchase

Customize gift Gift customization and enhancement options

Unique products Unique products offered

Web and Purchase Website and purchasing process

Analyzed points are only the things that stand out, either positively or negatively. If some of the matters evaluated are of average quality, that won't be mentioned. The websites will be listed in order from worst to best.

Evaluation Icons Explained

Unique Offer Unique offers that others do not have.

Positive Aspect A positive aspect that others might lack.

Negative Aspect A negative aspect, be cautious.

Stay Away A very negative aspect, think twice.

Review Rate Verified reviews from real customers on Trustpilot

Unique Offer A well-designed and unique Star Finder will allow you quickly locate your star online and in the night sky, depending on your location and current time.

Unique Offer Each physical package includes the electronic delivery of digital files.

Unique Offer The only website to provide you with tracked shipping delivery options at a reasonable price. Regular post that takes ages is not in use.

Unique Offer You have 24 hours to get a full refund for your electronic delivery package in case you change your mind.

Unique Offer Electronic files can be edited as many times as you wish, free of charge.

Positive Aspect Decent Trustpilot overall score.

Positive Aspect Free of charge editing your electronic files if you made a mistake.

Positive Aspect Free shipping available.

Positive Aspect You have 6 different certificate designs to choose from.

Positive Aspect Easy to use website.

Positive Aspect You have a wide variety of payment methods to choose from.

Negative Aspect Packages do not include additional handouts if you want more than a certificate and a star map.

Ideas note Comparing Starregistration.Net with other websites seems to be the best and most flexible service provider. You get a good value for the money. There are no hidden costs, and the policy is very flexible with refunds. Also, you get free electronic files and unlimited edits. Finally, there is a spectacular Star Finder software for you to find your star in the night sky!

Unique Offer A unique 3D web software to view your star online in style!

Unique Offer The only website that offers physical gift cards.

Unique Offer Physical packages include electronic delivery also.

Positive Aspect You will get a rich package with various additional handouts.

Positive Aspect Free shipping with a regular post.

Positive Aspect A great app that will help you locate your star in the night sky.

Stay Away You cannot select your star type (for example, a double star). Also, you cannot choose the brightness degree, so it is impossible to know whether the star will be visible and what brightness you are getting.

Negative Aspect An average review score on Trustpilot.

Negative Aspect Express shipping to the US is 49$ and around 20$ in Europe.

Negative Aspect You cannot select 2 or more copies as a backup for your documents.

Negative Aspect Constellation is randomly picked if you do not choose one. Make sure it is visible in your area since it does not consider your location.

Ideas note OSR got a great gift package with various items included. They have nicely designed physical gift cards! Also, they have an online 3D software to see the star online and a good app. However, the cost for Express delivery to the US is very high. It is not possible to get additional document copies. You cannot select your star type or a star brightness, so it might not be visible in your area. The only found reviews are not too good.

Positive Aspect Fine gift packages with various handouts. You can also pick a gift box and star atlas.

Positive Aspect Free economy shipping is available to various countries. See your case.

Positive Aspect A website has comfortable navigation.

Positive Aspect A good Trustpilot overall score.

Stay Away Hidden costs: Additional charge if you want to get your documents electronically.

Stay Away Mobile App shows Google sky map, which is is not interactive and just a static and blurry image from space. You will not be able to find your star in the night sky in real life.

Negative Aspect If you do not pay additionally to select a specific constellation, then the constellation is assigned randomly without considering your location.

Negative Aspect You can select an extra bright star, but there is no information on its brightness and whether it is possible to see that.

Ideas note The good thing about SNR is its gift packages and nice gift boxes. Also, they offer free economy shipping to some locations. However, you will be charged extra for getting digital files as a backup. Also, it will be challenging to find your star without any interactive software. Finally, you need to pay extra to get a star in a specific constellation because a random constellation might not be visible in your area.

Unique Offer A unique chance to get premium packaging boxes and Led boxes. This, however, would cost you around 400$ but is an excellent option if going for something unique.

Positive Aspec Good looking certificates with various designs available.

Positive Aspec A website is easy to use and place an order.

Stay Away Hidden costs: Physical package will cost you 10$ additionally. You will find out only when you will have your information entered.

Stay Away There is no mobile app, just static blurry images from space, so you won't be able to find your star in the night sky.

Negative Aspect Trustpilot score is not among the best ones.

Negative Aspect Express delivery to the US is 34$ (and to many other countries) and will take up to 6 business days.

Negative Aspect You can only select Zodiac constellations, not the other ones.

Negative Aspect English speakers can only shop in US dollars.

Ideas note Cosmonova stands out with their premium and led box offers, which can be an excellent opportunity for those who want to spend extra but get some really unique products. Express delivery costs are pretty high in the US. There is no mobile app or any interactive online star finder, so you won't be able to find your star in the night sky. You will be required to spend extra to get a hard copy. You might consider registering your star with this website if you are interested in these extra things.

Positive Aspec You can place an order via phone call.

Unique Offer Unique items: Hand-lettered Calligraphy, sky images, custom engraved jewelry.

Stay Away No mobile app or any other star-finding tools. You won't be able to find your star.

Stay Away You cannot get digital files or simply have e-mail delivery only.

Stay Away In the US: 11$ for economy delivery, 24$ for express delivery. Outside the US, the delivery can be up to 50$. 3-4 days order processing time.

Stay Away Cheapest option is 54$. Framing will cost you an additional 50$.

Stay Away Process of ordering is complex. You have to explicitly decline various additional features.

Stay Away Trustpilot review score is very low.

Negative Aspect It is hard to understand the packages and how they differ, only the pricing.

Negative Aspect No other payments than PayPal and cards.

Negative Aspect No live chat support. Only E-mailing is possible.

Ideas note The good thing about this company is that they offer unique things like hand-lettered calligraphy and custom engraved jewelry if you are interested. Otherwise: Delivery costs are very high. Entry price product is the most expensive on the market, and framing is complicated. You won't have many options to find your star apart from the observatory. In general, the negatives massively outweigh the positives.

Positive Aspect You get a good gift package with various items.

Positive Aspect Website is nicely made and easy to use. Also comfortable to compare packages.

Positive Aspect A good Trustpilot review rating.

Stay Away Hidden Costs: While the cheapest package is 29$, you will soon be required to pay an additional 60$ for a hard copy, which would amount to roughly 90$ for the cheapest physical package.

Stay Away They claim they are NASA, IAU, and Harvard partners. A worrying signal.

Stay Away After naming a star, you get a voucher to buy land on a moon. A worrying signal 2.

Stay Away Shipping is 18 working days. There is no express delivery available.

Stay Away Mobile App shows Google sky map, which is not interactive and just a static and blurry image from space. You will not be able to find your star in the night sky in real life.

Stay Away No refunds for digital products. If you change your mind or the recipient is unhappy, you won't get your money back.

Stay Away You cannot get your certificate framed. There are also no other additional extras.

Stay Away Documents come in a fragile envelope and can be damaged easily.

Negative Aspect No live chat support. Only E-mailing is possible.

Negative Aspect You can only checkout using a card. No other payment methods are supported.

Ideas note We recommend thinking twice before purchasing here. First, the company lies about being partners of scientific bodies. Second, The packages have hidden costs and eventually are the most expensive products on the market. Third, you would get the slowest delivery speed, harsh refund terms, and no additional options for the package. Star finding experience will be wrong.

Positive Aspect Economy shipping is Free in US and CANADA.

Positive Aspect Additional certificate hard copy costs only 1$.

Stay Away Shipping to Europe will cost you from 55$ to 70$

Stay Away No verified reviews could be found on Trustpilot.

Stay Away You cannot preview what your certificate will look like.

Stay Away Arguably, worst-looking certificates.

Stay Away No mobile app or any other tool to look for a star.

Stay Away No registry listed. Unclear where the star is registered.

Negative Aspect For some reason, a limited amount of constellations.

Negative Aspect The only option to pay is using a credit card.

Ideas note The only positive aspect of purchasing here is free economy shipping in US and Canada and costs for additional certificate documents copies. The rest of the aspects dictate to stay away from this service provider.

Final Words

Hopefully, this comprehensive comparison will help you find and decide on the best place to buy a star. At this point, you should be aware of all the parameters and things that can be important to look for when choosing your service provider. Now you just need to decide what matters the most to you and choose the one that suits you best. You also have all the tools to go and verify the information provided if you have any doubts.

Note: Some data might change over time. Please, let us know if you find any significant inconsistencies, so we can update this guide to help other readers!


  • You should first determine the best site and service provider when buying a star.
  • To find the best place to buy a star, you should consider various factors.
  • One of the most critical factors is understanding the quality and content of the gift package. You should also look for additional free products the service provider offers.
  • Another factor to consider is the pricing and any hidden costs.
  • It is essential to inspect delivery options and pricing.
  • It is critical to find out the offered tools to find your star in the night sky if any.
  • It is vital to access verified reviews from other customers.
  • The best place to buy a star is the one that has most of the mentioned aspects being acceptable or positive.
  • Based on many factors, the best site with the best value for money to buy a star is starregistration.net.

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Frequently asked questions

You can buy a star from service providers that have online star catalogs and tools to allow you to find your star after the purchase. Based on various criteria, the best place to buy a star is starregistration.net.

Based on various factors like the ability to find your star, price, unique products, shipping options, free email delivery, flexible refund terms, and overall value for the money, the best site to buy a star is starregistration.net.

You should evaluate what is essential for your gift. Such matters could be easiness of finding your star, price, gift package, shipping speed and options, additional extras, and possible hidden extra costs.

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