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General terms

How to order?
1) Go to our Order page and choose from various star options available.
2) Once ready, give your star a name, add a personal message, select registration date and choose from such options as star brightness degree, specific constellation or last minute .PDF only version. Add to Cart and proceed to Checkout.
3) Fill in your personal data, delivery information and payment information. Choose delivery method, review your order info and place an order!

Return policy

General terms on Cancellation of an Order

Customer has legal right to cancel his or her order within 30 days after receipt of the service on the basis of reasonable grounds.

If the purchase was damaged or containing faulty information customer has a legal right to demand repeated delivery of service free of charge.

General terms on Refunds

Customer has a legal right to demand and receive a refund after canceled order on the basis of reasonable grounds.

The customer has legal rights to receive a full refund within 7 days after the order has been approved as canceled.

Refunded money will be transferred back to the same payment account from which the payment was initially received.


If You still are unsure on how cancellation and returns work you can go and read full return policy terms. 


Shipping and delivery

Once we receive your payment we proceed with preparing your Star Registration Gift Package. Payments usually come through within a couple of minutes, except bank transfers, which can take around 2-3 business days.

On average it takes us from 1 to 3 business days to prepare the product individually and ship it. Still, more than a half of our products are shipped within 2 or even 1 business day.

*If you have selected .PDF Only star registration option you can disregard the following points – printable gift version will be sent to you via e-mail automatically after we receive your payment.

 If you need any more information you can read full Shipping and Delivery terms. 


Star Registration is a private registry service and is not affiliated with any governmental entities or educational institutions.