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What is Name a Star Gift, and What Does it Include?

Name Gift One

Record in Star Register

An entry into the online Star Name Database. It is a lifetime registration ensuring your star will not be named by someone else.

Name Gift Two

Registration Certificate

A nicely designed certificate includes Star Name, Star Coordinates from the NASA database, Registration Number, Constellation, and a Personal Message.

Name Gift Three

Gift Folder

A folder that will cover your documents in the atmosphere of space. It replaces additional gift wrapping.

Name Gift Four

Star Map

A map from the sky indicates a named star's exact location in a constellation.

Name Gift Five

Star Finder

An excellent and beautiful online software designed to easily navigate between various sky objects and locate your star in style.

Name Gift Six

Instant E-mail Delivery

After purchasing, you will be provided with an electronic version of the Certificate and Star Map.

Name Gift Seven

Fitting Frame (Optional)

An elegant black wooden fitting frame will give your Star Certificate an even sharper look. You can use it to hang on the wall or set it on the table.

Name Gift Eight

Zodiac Pendant (Optional)

A golden-plated Zodiac pendant will make a present even more remarkable if you name a star as a gift in a zodiac constellation.

A Trusted Brand

Our mission has always been to help our customers give their loved ones something unique and something that lasts forever. With over 50 000 registration certificates issued, we have brought laughs and tears of joy to many families worldwide. Become a part of our family!

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Why Name a Star as a Gift?

Unique and Eternal

Unique and Eternal

Naming a star is different from all the other gifts because you are writing a name in the sky. On top of that, the star name is valid for a lifetime.

Highly Personalized

Highly Personalized

When giving a star, you create a gift, not just buy it. You are personalizing it with a star name, choosing a constellation and certificate design, as well as adding other extras to a gift.

Nasa Coordinates

It has NASA Coordinates

You cannot buy the “Name a Star Gift” from NASA because they do not name or sell stars. Still, you can name a real star as a gift with exact NASA database coordinates.

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Frequently asked questions

Name a Star Gift is a unique gift where the main component is a Star Registration Certificate and a record in the Star Name database. Depending on the gift set, this might include other gift items.

A gift includes an Entry into Star Name Database, Star Registration Certificate, Star Map, Gift Folder, and Star Finder Software. Additionally, you can opt for a Fitting Frame and Zodiac Constellation Pendant.

You can give a star as part of a Name a Star Gift as each gift set includes naming a star in the Star Name database, which also involves Star Registration Certificate.

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