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I want to Buy a Star from NASA. Period.

Everyone has heard of NASA, but not everyone understands what they do. Comprehension of their work is a bit vague for most people. That still does not kill the urge to ask for the impossible, for example, to buy and name a star with NASA.

Unfortunately, not you nor anyone else will be able to do that. One might wonder - but why is that? The answer is disappointing yet simple: NASA does not provide a star naming service. That, however, does not mean that you won't be able to register a star at all.

This short and helpful guide aims to explain unknown yet straightforward concepts about buying a star with NASA, or, to be precise, the inability to do so. This guide will also explain the alternative for you to be still able to write a name in the Sky. We hope you will enjoy reading this and this will answer all your questions on this matter.

Buy a star from International Gift Services

If not Nasa, who then?

NASA won't help anyone on the subject of 'naming a star'; Nonetheless, some services (including us at starregistration.net), intelligent and stubborn enough, allow people to get a personal star or buy one for someone special.

Moreover, our service offers much more than just registering your star. We prepare it in a fashion of an unforgettable experience and eternal gift. Even if NASA named stars, it is not likely that it would be as creative and caring as private services are.

Stars for sale: How does that work?

You might be wondering why private entities are entitled to name stars, how they do that, and the value of such registration. We will try to tackle all these questions in a couple of short points.

1 Neither NASA nor any other governmental or international organization provides a star naming service. Thus this is a matter of private entities to give such an opportunity.
2 Private entities have no legal obstacles in offering you to buy and name a star. Hence, these are 100% legit transactions since no laws prohibit this.
3 Neither NASA nor any other organization will recognize your registration, which is logical, given they do not deal with the star naming AT ALL. They will not deny it either.
4 The stars registered by private online entities are from official star databases used by NASA, so every star named will have the exact coordinates of a real star.
5 A limited amount of the brightest stars already have astronomical names. Here at Starregistration.net, we make sure to offer stars that do not have internationally recognized scientific names yet. For example, we do not offer to name Sirius star because the name of this star is Sirius.

Important! Be cautious if some star naming service insists they are certified or recognized by NASA or other governmental or scientific bodies. As we have learned already, that cannot be true. As well, avoid companies providing you to name any star, even if that star already has a proper scientific name.

Hopefully, these quick facts made it clear how registering with private entities work and why at the moment, this is the only possible way to do that, given we cannot do that with NASA. Apart from this being the only possible way to name your star, online registries offer an excellent giving experience and fantastic products. Learn more about all the benefits in our article Name a Star Gift.

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  • You cannot buy a star from NASA or name it NASA because NASA is a scientific organization in charge of space exploration.
  • NASA does not sell or name stars because of different reasons. First, it is a scientific, not a commercial institution. Second, it is a US-based, not an international organization. Third, they explore space, launch shuttles, and install space stations.
  • The only option to buy a star is private entities with international star name databases. Also, such services offer a great giving experience and prepare star name presents in style.
  • Commercial entities are entitled to provide such service since no laws prohibit this.

Frequently asked questions

NASA is a scientific institution that primarily explores the vast Universe. Thus, NASA does not sell stars or offer people to name them. However, you can buy your star from official gift services with a Star-Naming database.

Unfortunately, you can't buy a star from NASA. They deal only with the scientific research of space, not with star selling. However, if you still want to get a star, you can use special gift services.

NASA does not sell stars because its mission is to explore our solar system and launch shuttles; therefore, there is no pricing available for that. You can explore the costs to buy a star at starrregistration.net

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