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How Much is a star?

For those who have never experienced buying a star, it might be an unknown area to step in and find out the costs to name a star. It could be similar to buying your first robot vacuum cleaner - you do not know what parameters are essential. There are various packages and add-ons, so you need to understand the basic concepts to find the most suitable gift package.

1 Choosing your Star Type

A star type, in most cases, will be the main influencing factor for the price since this tells us about the base price of the package. 3 main star types shape the gift sets:

Standart Star

The most basic option will allow you to have a star named in the area visible to you. Stars are selected based on the shipping details of your order. Even with this star package, you can be sure that you will find your star in the night sky.



Zodiac Star

This star type allows you to select the constellation of your star. An excellent option for birthday presents when you prefer a registered star to be in a zodiac constellation, for example, Libra or Scorpio. These could be other well-known constellations like Ursa Major or Orion.



Binary Star

The unique star type. It is a system of 2 closely positioned stars, which makes the best option for a couple, a brother and a sister, or just two closely related persons. It makes it an excellent gift for Anniversaries, Valentine’s day, or similar.



2 Extra Cost for Brightness

The brighter the stars are, the more unique they get because there is a limited number of stars we can see with a naked eye or binoculars. There are 3 main brightness degrees offered:



This guarantees that the star is visible in your area, but it requires a telescope to see the star in the night sky.

+ $0.00

Visible with telescope



A brighter degree of a star that would allow watching the star with binoculars under most conditions.

+ $19.00

Visible with binoculars

Very Bright

Very Bright

The brightest option will allow seeing the star with binoculars from all the areas. Under certain light pollution conditions, a star can be seen with a naked eye.

+ $39.00

Visible with a naked eye

3 Delivery Type and Speed

The costs of buying a star for someone also depend on your preferred delivery speed or even method. There are 3 main types for this.

E-mail delivery

The most economical and fastest way (5 minutes) to receive your certificate and star map via your e-mail. Physical goods are not sent so that you can print the files yourself. This option would save you some money.

- $10.00

Physical goods are not sent

Standard delivery

Physical star naming gift package is delivered using standard tracked shipping. It may vary how long it would take, depending on your location. See exact time on checkout.

+ $9.90

Includes e-mail delivery

Express delivery

The same as previous, but expects priority delivery within just a couple of business days (see exact time on checkout). Regardless of the location, this will involve additional costs if you are in a rush.

+ $9.90

Includes e-mail delivery

4 Costs for Additional Extras

Lastly, some add-ons can influence the costs of your star gift package. These are not mandatory, but you might consider adding any of these to your package.


Fitting frame

This is an elegant way of having a high-quality wooden fitting frame covering the star certificate. In this case, you do not have to worry about finding one yourself.

+ $19.00

Zodiac necklace

An excellent addition to a gift package when a star is chosen in a zodiac constellation (e.g., Libra, Scorpio, or similar).

+ $14.90


  • Such factors influence costs to buy a star as star type, the brightness of the star, delivery method of the gift package, and additional extras.
  • The main price influencing factors are the type and brightness of the star. A standard star with a normal brightness would be the cheapest option. In contrast, a binary (double) star package with the highest brightness degree would be the most expensive.
  • Star naming costs start at $29.90 and can reach roughly $150.00 depending on the options and extras selected.

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Frequently asked questions

Star buying prices vary between $29.90 and $89.90. Still, the cost can be higher depending on additional gift items, upgraded star options, and selected delivery options.

The main factors influencing star naming costs are star type, star brightness, additional extras, and delivery method.

The cheapest option to buy a star will cost you $29.90, including registering a visible star from your area in a star name catalog and electronic delivery of certificate and star map to your e-mail.

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