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Buying a star

Buying a star in the sky in less than 5 minutes? Easy!

Buying a star for someone has always been a creative idea for giving, but how can one know how to do that? Nowadays, so many different service providers offer you to do that in many ways and choose from various gift packages.

That is why customers end up contacting customer support with a simple question: “So, how can I buy a star?” This comprehensive guide will explain all the basic concepts of star buying and outline all the information required to complete your registration in 6 easy steps. You can, in fact, do that in less than 5 minutes! Ready? 3..2..1..Liftoff!

  • Select your Gift Set delivery and Star type
Steps Prices
1 Choose whether you prefer to receive documents physically and via e-mail or e-mail only. E-mail packages come at a lower cost, and there are no costs for physical delivery. Switch between the tabs to choose from physical and email packages.

Select your star type from 3 different options:

A. Standard. This package allows you to name a visible star from your location (location is determined from your order details). Constellation choice comes at an additional cost.

B. Zodiac. Presumes greater personalization. You can choose a star constellation yourself and pick such a well-known constellation as Ursa Major or some zodiac constellation like Leo or Scorpio.

C. Binary. Allows you to name a visible double star or system of 2 stars close to each other. It is an excellent option for couples, relatives, or friends as it presumes 2 gift sets. Constellation choice comes at an additional cost.

    • Name your Star and Adjust your Certificate
    • Modify your gift with additional extras (optional)
    • Add to Cart and Verify
    • Checkout: One Last Step and The Star is Yours!


  • To buy a star, you need to complete 6 easy steps.
  • Step 1: Select your delivery type and star type.
  • Step 2: Select star brightness.
  • Step 3: Enter a star name and adjust your registration certificate.
  • Step 4: (Optional) Choose additional extras for your gift set.
  • Step 5: Add to cart and verify your cart content.
  • Step 6: Enter your shipping details and complete checkout.

Frequently asked questions

Buying a star requires selecting your gift package, star type, and star brightness. Then, you need to enter the star name, adjust your registration certificate and complete the checkout.

To do that, you first need to select a gift set type and the type of star you want to name. After that, you will enter the person's name in which honor you would like to name a star.

Buying a star for someone is a gift already. Still, you can customize the giving experience and appearance in many ways. You can frame a registration certificate, add a star constellation necklace and present it either in a gift folder or a gift box.

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