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I have a dream to name a star with IAU

The fact that you are seeking information about naming a star with the help of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and not with any other possibly related organization is a good sign as it demonstrates your knowledge on who might be responsible for such a service.

Unfortunately, even such a closely related organization as IAU is to buying and naming stars does not provide such a service. The reason for that is relatively straightforward: IAU was never meant to provide such services, and it never will provide such services, given it has a “slightly” different and perhaps more critical mission on its horizon.

This comprehensive yet short article seeks to answer the question of “why is it not possible to name a star with IAU” and what is the only alternative to doing so. We hope you enjoy reading it and find all the answers to your questions on this topic.

Name a star with International Database instead

Can I name a star without IAU?

At this point, we can agree that it is not possible to name a star with IAU. Moreover, the same is true for any other governmental or non-governmental organization. Still, you can use private services that use International Databases for star name records.

These service providers are professionals when preparing your star naming gifts with style. It leaves an unforgettable impression on the recipient. Additionally, they use absolutely the same star catalog that IAU uses. Remember us previously discussing that most of the stars are not officially named with proper names (apart from generic codes)? That's right! The next paragraph will explain how that works.

Is buying a star from non-governmental entities real?

Once people discover they cannot name a star with IAU or any other known organization, they ask themselves a common question: How come commercial entities can provide such a service when IAU cannot, and what is the value of such a bargain? The answers to these questions are pretty simple and mainly stem from “official” bodies denying us this option. See explanations below:

1 Neither IAU nor any other official body provides a star naming service; therefore, this becomes a matter of private entities to offer this.
2 No national or international laws prohibit such transactions because neither IAU nor any other “official” body has legal rights on star names. Accordingly, this is 100% legal; otherwise, such service providers would be denied to promote themselves on the internet or receive payments.
3 IAU will not recognize your star name since they only recognize around 300+ star names and various catalog names. Since they do not deal with naming stars for customers, it is not their competence to acknowledge or deny this.
4 The star you would name with a private company will be from the same catalog that IAU uses, so that will be a specific star that can be seen in the night sky.
5 A limited amount (around 300+) of brightest stars already have astronomical names from IAU; therefore, our team at Starregistration.net is strict with offering registrations only for stars that do not have IAU or other customers names. For example, we could not offer you to name a Northern Star as it has a name called Polaris.

Important! If naming a star elsewhere, please pay attention to service providers that claim they have a partnership with IAU or other “well-known” space-related organizations. They can surely put the IAU logo on their website and insist on that, but at this point, you should know very well that this is a myth.

We hope that you have mastered the subject of IAU and star naming at this point. Also, we hope you are not disappointed that you cannot get it done the way you probably imagined. Remember that you can legally name a star with a commercial online service that provides customers with an unforgettable giving experience. Explore more about all the perks on our comprehensive page, Name a Star Gift.

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  • You cannot buy and name a star with IAU because they are a scientific organization with a different purpose and field of expertise.
  • IAU has named just over 300 stars. The process to submit such an application is very complex and requires you to be a reputable scholar or astronomer.
  • It is private service providers that offer you to name a star as a gift, so you do not require IAU assistance for this matter.
  • Private service providers have all legal rights to name stars, and there are no national or international laws prohibiting this.
  • Commercial service providers use the same star catalog that IAU uses, and they offer to name only stars that do not have IAU assigned names.

Frequently asked questions

Unfortunately, you cannot do that with IAU because it is a scientific non-profit organization with a different purpose; therefore, IAU does not sell star names for money. You can name a star with private service providers.

You cannot buy a star from IAU because this is an international non-profit organization, so they do not take money from customers. Also, their way of giving star names is scientific. You can buy a star with online gift services.

Yes, this is 100% legal for private companies to offer you to name a star and provide you with a gift set. No laws prohibit such transactions. Also, there is no other way for you to do this since IAU does not offer this.

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