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Corporate & Family Orders

Not interested, YET? Are you a manager or an owner of the company? Are you in search of a perfect corporate gift for your employees or colleagues?  Are you retiring soon and either willing to leave an everlasting impression or thank your colleagues for the years spent together? Whoever you might be – we’ve got you covered!

Yeah, we know that most of the popular ideas you might have already come across the internet on corporate gifts are either boring or just being a cliche. Giving pens, cups, or super modern gadgets that can easier the working routine most likely would not be a big hit and a thing to remember. How about naming stars? 

We are unbelievably confident that star registration is not only a perfect gift for your valentine, friends, or relatives but also your colleagues. At the end of the day, it could be the case that some of us spend more time in our lives with colleagues than with their families. The people that surround you every Monday morning would definitely be impressed in style!

In the scope of this program, we offer
Free Shipping
Free Shipping

No one likes to pay for the shipping, and everyone loves to receive a free shipping bonus. We can adjust to what you love. Our Corporate Star Naming Program covers fast express shipping. Receive the goods promptly without any costs for shipping.

Corporate Discounts
Corporate discounts

Take more and pay less – it has always been this way! Our special discounts for corporate orders start from 30% off for all the products and deals. Up to 50% off for middle-size and big companies with more employees waiting to get their star registration gifts.

Corporate Discounts
Various certificate designs

Whether you like it classical or funky, we’ve got something for you. Choose from different star registration certificate styles available. If you are not impressed and have your own suggestions in mind, that is even better. We can implement the wildest fantasies into the certificate designs depending on the occasion and desires!

Extra Features
Extra features

Make it an even greater gift with different add-ons. Decorate certificates and star maps with company logos or other special symbols. Add fitting frames for certificates to your corporate gift. Create a personalized webpage for this gift with all the star naming information and files accessible from the internet.

Extra Features
Individual approach

Corporate, but still personalized. We are all unique, so we can be star naming gifts. Think of some good things about each of the recipients and apply unique messages to each certificate. Take a step further and pick zodiac stars matching the birthdays of every person involved.

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