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was just named from

These Stars Can Be Yours These Stars Can Be Yours This Star Can Be Yours This Star Can Be Yours This Star Can Be Yours

Need an original gift? Name a star!

It’s the number one gift in the universe

What's included in gift package

  • Official registration in Star Registry, which is timeless.
  • Beautifully printed and personalized Star Registration Certificate.
  • Elegant Star Map with the location of a star You have registered.
  • Instant PDF of Star Registration Certificate.
Name A Star Now

More Than 50'000 statisfied customers

Tommas wrote
Thank you for the fast customer service. 5/5
20th April, 2017
Angie wrote
Great customer service. Had some problems but they explained everything very good. Stars naming is a great thing.
9th December, 2016
Blair wrote
Best gift ever. Bought a telescope and started my star watcher experience. Glad to see my star up there.
22nd March, 2017
Adam wrote
This year everyone were amazed about my gift for Christmas. I got an star named after me! awesome thing to do.
27th December, 2016
Tony wrote
Got this for our 2 year anniversary with my girlfriend. Amazing and romantic gift - got the binary star so we can be together even up in the sky.
10th January, 2017
Excellent Print Quality

Excellent Print Quality

Surprise your closest ones in style by our excellent quality prints! We use the latest pigment ink technologies and the same type of luster paper traditionally used by wedding, portrait and fine-art photographers.
Fast delivery


We deliver star naming gift packages worldwide! Apply for FREE shipping or choose from variety of other delivery options. Last moment idea? Receive Star Registration Certificate instantly through the e-mail!
Customer care


Our team of star gift specialists will do their best in order to ensure you are taken care of before and after registering a star with us. Whenever you need some information – do not hesitate to send us a message and we will get back ASAP. For instant messages, use our live chat.
Secure payments


We guarantee you 100% security on your star gift order info and payments. We use the latest SSL Security (HTTPS) meanwhile the security of the website has been insured by McAfee Secure services.

What is Star Register?

What is Star Register?

Star Register is a company with more than 10 years of experience in providing professional services of registering stars for our customers. At the same time we simply are a team of professionals who are passionate about stars and helping our customers to prepare gifts in a fashion that will make their loved ones remember this for centuries or even a bit longer!
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Name A Star Now

Make your star gift selection

Give the desired name to a star and add your personal message. Choose some of the amazing additional features we offer on a star gift - star’s brightness degree, specific constellation or beautifully designed gift frame.


Choose delivery and payment methods

Fill in your personal information. Choose from various shipping and payment methods available. Apply your discount code if possible. Review your order info and place an order. That’s about it – just sit back and relax, the rest is on us.

Fast processing and deliver

Fast processing and delivery

Once we receive your payment the confirmation email will be sent to you. If you have applied for PDF only option then this will be sent to you instantly and you are ready to give a star. If you have opted for a Star Registration gift package then be patient – the package is already on its way!

Reasons to name a star

There are 100 billion stars per galaxy – same goes for the amount of reasons to name one! We are sure that anyone of us have closest people that deserve to be treated in a special way. We also strongly believe that some moments in our life happen only once, thus such occasions require unique approaches to make these events memorable. Check our articles and perhaps you will find your reason to name a star!

Name A Starin any constellation

Name A Star That Is Clearly Visible

Our private registry service only names clearly visible stars. If you are not satisfied with our services or the star we named for you, you can request us to name another star for you or refund the entire amount you spent on your purchase. We are regularly audited for quality and reliability by the Star Register since we are its partner. You can find and easily retrieve the stars we name at the Star Register page called Star List. After you make a purchase, we will ship the materials related to the named star such as the star registry certificate within 1 business day. We also send these materials by email if you need them fast.

Name A Star Now
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