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Can you name a constellation?

Very often, people are looking for the right gift that would surprise their close ones. One of the options is to use star naming services and buy a star.

However, often our customers are asking, "How much does it cost to buy a constellation?". Sadly there is not an option to name a constellation as all know constellations are named by IAU.

But you can name a star. Or even a combination of two stars called binary star in a constellation of your choice. There are 88 constellations combined, so you have a wide variety of options. Probably most romantic gift that you can give to wedding anniversary, Birthday, Christmas or any special occasion.

Can I buy a constellation?

Constellation is a grope of stars that are recognized worldwide by the International Astronomic Union. They are nor announcing new constellations or allowing to buy or rename existing ones. But here at Star Registration you can name a star and choose the constellation from all known constellations. Star Register employees will assign the most appropriate star based on your selections.

How much is it to buy a constellation?

You can buy a star in any constellation for less than 30 USD. However, as mentioned before you can not buy someone a constellation, but you can buy a star in it. By choosing higher brightest, it even might be possible to get one of the stars that are creating this specific constellation. If you are looking perfect gift and willing to name a constellation after someone, you can use our star naming registry. Our Registry offers 24 Hour last-minute registry. Our customer service members will provide you with a personalized star map and certificate documents. So you can get them printed right in time for your special occasion.

How constellations are named?

From a very early stage of humankind, stars were always with us. People started to notice them in the night sky. So they began to make stories based on how they look, and where they are. And this is how first constellations where named. Lot of them are coming from greeks mythology.

Currently, all constellations are recognized by IAU, and lately, no new constellations are announced. If you want to read more about constellations or chose what is the best constellation to name a star in you can read more here.

Spring constellations

The crater, Hydra, and Leo are the most visible constellations during the spring. They are located in an area delimited by a triangle formed by Regulus, Spica, and Arcturus.

Summer constellations

Stars that are making this beautiful constellation are Altair from the Eagle constellation, Deneb from the Swan, and Vega of Lira.

Autumn constellations

As Earth is moving during the autumn, it is also to view further constellations such as Andromeda, Aquarius, and Pegasus.

Winter constellations

As for most of the world, winter is a cold and dark season. However, it is the best time to go stargazing. During the winter, it is straightforward to see Hexagon formed by Capella, Aldebaran, Rigel, Sirius, Procyon, Castor, and Pollux. Naming a star in a constellation? Winter constellations are the best for stargazing.