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Corporate & Family Orders

We truly value each and every customer of ours. Throughout the years of working and providing services of naming and registering stars we have developed various programs that allow our customers to claim discounts on certain types of orders. Hopefully some of the programs we currently run will also fit perfectly your case where you will be able to save and win!

Regular Corporate Orders
This discount program was launched after we have received various requests from companies of different size for a custom solution to their special case. At that moment we acknowledged that not only one could wish to name a star for his or her closest person, but also to name stars to honour colleagues or employees.
This became quite a corporate trend to register stars with names of employees on the day of anniversary of the company. Another trend that was set is related to either a retirement after many years of service or simply leaving a company after lots of years spent with the colleagues. On various occasions leaving a company after many years of life spent with the people on a daily basis made several persons think of unique and extravagant ways of how to quit the job.
Also you can astonish your colleagues or employees!

In scope of this program we offer:
- 25% discount on orders with 10 or more registered stars
- 30% discount on orders with 20 or more registered stars
- Free shipping
- Free custom designs for certificates and star maps that can include the logo of the company.

Interested in this program? Please Contact Us and we will work on a solution that will also fit your needs and budget!

Family Orders
This program was developed specifically for individuals willing to surprise his or her loved family members on certain festivities. At the moment the absolute leader among the reasons to name stars for family members is Christmas. From reviews and feedbacks of our customers we can judge that this program has saved a tremendous amount of time on searching and buying different gifts for each family member. At the same this has brought an absolute atmosphere of surprise and amusement among family members, which automatically made our customer the hero of the day!

In scope of this program we offer:
- 20% discount on orders with 5 - 10 registered stars
- Free express shipping
- Custom designs of gift packages, which can include a logo with a family name.

Interested in this program? Please Contact Us and we will work on a solution that will also fit your needs and budget!
Have more than 10 family members sitting at the dinning table? Wow, you are lucky! Perhaps you should look above into our Corporate Orders program.