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was just named from

Buy a star Now

How much is it to buy a star?

Star Certificate

Price for recording a star name can be different based on the package you select. Star gift price range starts from 29.90$ to 89.90$. Every Star gift package includes a record in the SREU database, a unique certificate, and a star map that helps you locate your star.

Most gifts out there can be quite costly and don't even bring the expected satisfaction. Original things with heart-warming quality can be hard to find, indeed; that is why you must seek other ways to show your affection. Everyone longs to bring excitement for their loved ones: similar to the one that arises under a starry night sky... Well, now you can.

Star Certificate can provide an exceptional gifting option that will blow your mind because it is both - cheap, yet meaningful. Anyone can afford to buy a star in our private star-naming database, which has one of the biggest and oldest stellar catalogs in the world.

What is included in the price of the star gift pack?

Star name recording a very affordable gift as it starts from $29,90 - pay once and have it forever (no monthly fees). Your present will have eternal emotional value, and as long as you are living here under this sky, your star will shine right above you.

Within your personal star gift package, you will receive a Certificate and Star Map that will reveal the exact location of your star in the sky. As well, you will have an entry in the online star catalog, where you will see the star name you have chosen.

Certificate & Star Map

The certificate provides official details from the Celestial Name Database, whereas a Star Map will show the exact location and coordinates of your star. We guarantee that stars will be visible anywhere in the world because they are assigned based on customer location.

Cost of Star gift packages

The night sky is full of wonders. If you don’t believe it, look up at the sky, and you will be convinced. In the Universe, there is an answer to all your troubles. Right there, in the stars, hides the guide to your perfect gift. In fact, the star itself is a gift that you can buy for someone special.

Star gift set offers

  • Standard Star Gift set: only for $29.90 (including shipping) with super-fast e-mail delivery (5 minutes). You can also upgrade your order to $39.90 and have physical documents delivered to your door.
  • Zodiac Star Gift set: select your favorite zodiac constellation and we will assign you a star only for $54.90. This means you will have a bright star in the well-known constellation that you will easily find.
  • Binary Star Gift set: receive two stars revolving around each other for $89.90. A binary star is a system of two stars that from a great distance looks like one giant star.

Cheapest Star naming offer


Recording a star name is an inexpensive way to show emotions, even the International Astronomical Union (IAU) would agree with this statement. Though the IAU does not offer to record a star name, we are the ones that do.

The cost to buy a star is very affordable, and you will have a magical gift set that will amaze the sense out of the receiver.

This gift is really out of this world. Star buying is an excellent opportunity for those astronomy geeks and stargazers out there, who always dream of the night sky. You can buy a star for a very reasonable price on our site, and it will be listed in the Official Star-Name Catalog. This is an extraordinary gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price of star gift package?

Star gift package consists of a Certificate and Star Map that will reveal the exact location of your star in the sky. As well, every star record has an entry in the online star catalog, where you will see the star name you have chosen.

How much does it cost to buy a star?

Star Certificate gift option is both - cheap, yet meaningful. Star name recording price starts from $29.90 tp $89.90 - pay once and have it forever (no monthly fees).

What is the cheapest offer to buy a star?

If you are looking for the cheapest offer, we suggest to choose Standard star gift package - only for $29.90 (including shipping) you will receive your Certificate and Star Map files within 5 minutes.