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was just named from

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Can you really own a star?

Own a star

Brightest minds in history have always wondered about the starry sky. Albert Einstein could explain the relativity of time but never grasped why stars excite the humankind as much. “Look to the stars and from them learn” is one of the most famous quotes from A. Einstein and probably the most sincere idea ever.  

Star Name catalog is the legit and official organization that allows people to own star names all over the globe. Nowadays, the star catalog is the most innovative gift service for all the sick people who get the same boring things for their loved ones. Additionally, the only institution that enumerates stars for scientific purposes is the International Astronomical Union, which does not allow regular people to interfere in the naming process. However, our service stepped up and changed this situation, allowing any star in the sky for someone in the private, secure database. 

Let’s clear something up. No one can possess a star in outer space or have some legal ownership upon it. That is not how the star name assigning works; it also takes out the magical quality of this service. You have named it in the international database when you own a star as a gift with our service. Therefore, your star isn’t like any other property. It has new identifiers - name (selected by you), ID number (assign by us), and coordinates (based on accurate sky maps). We make sure that every record is unique, and you can always locate your star in our catalog. 

Be a part of eternity: own a star.

The universe unites every person significantly, mostly because we all have extraordinary stories about the stars and constellations in the night sky. These moments and all the memories have made us into who we are. Then why not identify yourself with the star from the same Universe?   

Most of our lives' possessions can quickly disappear, get lost, or even be taken away. Thus, it is much smarter to get timeless and unique: own a real star. Now you can have something genuinely supreme - a piece of the Universe named after you that will never perish. Is there any better investment for all the stargazers out there? Just look up at the night sky, and you will know the answer instantly. 

We have created a unique service that allows anyone in the world to record a star name online that will be a part of your home’s favorite sky view. It doesn’t matter if you are from India or the USA, from the Netherlands or Australia - stars are around us all. Moreover, you can get your own star fast and easy with no effort whatsoever and have it eternally.

How to own a star?

Space is the most challenging topic in scientific circles. One hypothesis denies another, but one is for sure, every detail regarding this scope is under NASA’s supervision. Even though NASA is a very influential and quite complex institution, NASA has never offered star-naming services. Nonetheless, Star Catalog filled this spot and took this responsibility to spread joy while allowing everyone to own a star in the sky. 

Owning a star is a lot easier than it might seem. To get your own star, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Look through our offers on the order page and choose the best star gift package for you. Standard Star in regular southern/northern constellations, Zodiac Star, which is visible worldwide, or Binary Star gift package with two stars revolving really close to each other. 

  2. You can choose right away to either receive only e-mail delivery (nothing is shipped by mail) or physical delivery option receiving digital copies as well as hard copies of documents delivered right to your doorstep. 

  3. It is then time to give your star a name and develop an inspiring personal message (which will appear on the certificate). Decide on the Certificate design, select the entry date, and choose how bright you want your star to be (from average brightness to really bright star). It is also possible to pick a particular constellation; otherwise, we will assign you a star in a random constellation depending on your location. 

  4. Add your star to Cart and proceed to Checkout.

  5. At the Checkout, you should fill in your personal data, delivery information, and payment information. Select the delivery method which suits your expectations and review your order info.

  6. If everything is perfect and no changes are needed, ‘place your order.’ 

Everything afterward is our responsibility. We will instantly assign you a visible star, which you will receive in your e-mail within 5 minutes, along with your Star Certificate and Star Map. And if you have any alterations in mind regarding your star name, our customer service will be there for you 24/7. 

Your own star gift pack

When thinking about the perfect gift option, we all have the same essential characteristics in mind: reasonable value, meaningful intention, and uniqueness. Our service fits into this category entirely as it is a really cheap gift option that no other gifts can be compared to. 

It is rather affordable to own a star, as you can choose a star gift pack that suits your budget. For those in a hurry, but still want to give something meaningful, an e-mail delivery option with standard star gift pacfor 29,90$ is the best option. You can print it yourself at any time, and you won’t even have to wait 5 minutes to receive your star naming documents. 

However, there is an option for the old-souls and people who prefer having hard copies of documents. Starting from 39.90$, you can have a visible star that you will forever associate with someone special. Additionally, you will have a Certificate and Star Map sent to your home. Moreover, you can upgrade your documents by adding a fitting frame, so you won’t have to hunt down the perfect frame for a particular paper size, and the gift will look more classy and elegant. 

There are times when we want to initiate joy like never before for someone truly amazing. In this case, there is the most exclusive gift package to star enthusiasts and night sky lovers. Binary Star gift package gives a chance to own two stars only for 89.90$ - this is a gift filled with love and romance. You can show how close you are with someone by using the night sky's simile: we are like a pair of stars that share the same orbit. 

This is a creative and affordable gift option. You can own a star without any additional efforts for the rest of your life—the connection with the Universe that will never fade: your own star.