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How much does a star cost?

Look for your light.

We always have this feeling that we are a part of something much bigger than just our planet, and stargazing can make us feel more relaxed and calmer, whenever we are feeling happy or sad.
Looking at the stars can make us feel more present and accepted, both small and big at the same time. Wanderlust or not, it would be nice to have your piece of the Universe, right? The one you can name and own for the rest of your life and that can make you feel connected with the Divine. Find your piece of light, and buy a star at Star Register - a unique and outstanding gift for every occasion! Stars always had a major impact on civilizations throughout the world – they have been used for orientation and been part of religious practices. In some cultures, people used them to predict climate changes, weather, politics, etc. At first, there was a belief between astronomers that the stars were permanently affixed and immutable. Later on, the group of famous astronomers, now part of International Astronomical Union IAU, grouped the stars into constellations. They used them to track the motions of the planets and the position of the Sun. On the other hand, astrology also uses constellations to track the motion of the planets but is more focused on the effect of the planets and their movement on a human mind and their actions.

No matter which one of them is more precise in their observations and predictions, the fact is that we are always somehow attached to a certain star or star constellation. We are all super excited when we are stargazing or looking at a starry night, and we most certainly find them both mysterious and fascinating. Map of the sky, popularly known as a star map or a star chart is a map of the night sky and astronomers use them as grids to identify objects, constellations, and galaxies. The oldest one dated from 1534. and even though a lot of discovered stars were named in the past, astronomers always seem to find new and exciting objects and stars in our galaxy. A lot of these stars are no named and lonely while waiting for their owner to throw some light on them, simply by buying and naming them!

How much does a star cost?

When you buy a star, we offer a variety of packages for you to choose, based on your budget and wishes! from that meets everyone's budget. Our prices range from $39.95 to $89.90, depending on whether you choose one of our standard or zodiac star gift packs. Our star registry provides a unique service and to help you create something perfect for yourself or your loved one, we offer several options and make you aware of all those small details that can make your gift more thoughtful and personalized.
So, if you are a fan of the stars, or just want to surprise your loved one with a perfect gift, buying and naming a star will count like the most amazing and original present ever! Buy a star at Star register and give yourself or someone else something memorable, a gift for a lifetime!