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The Register

After you register and name your star with us the information regarding your registration will be sent to our official partner “Star Register” at star-register.eu. You will always be able to find your registered star in the official database of Star Register. From there you will also have an access to track your star and view it from the satellite.

Star Register is among the largest independent, non-profit and non-governmental star registries in the world. Star Register works with various star naming and registering commercial entities across the globe, also including us.

Information regarding your star registration will be officially entered in the database of Star Register, which is constantly monitored and audited by experts and enthusiasts of astronomy. The following is aimed to track the available stars for registration and to ensure that no stars are named twice by different persons.

Star Register always sets high standards for commercial star-naming entities to become an official partner. Our website is monitored by Star Register with a purpose of observing whether we always comply with the requirements set by Star Register. This involves such matters as customer overall satisfaction, security of the website and technical implementation of registering stars and providing information to Star Register.

We are proud to be an official partner of Star Register for more than 6 years. Being an official partner of Star Register guarantees almost instant registration possibilities. This means that registering stars through our service at StarRegistration.net is very fast and error proof.

Star register official partner