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was just named from

Gift Package

In the star gift package you will receive:

1Registration in Star Register - an entry in the online star catalog

2Star Folder - covers your gift in the atmosphere of the space

3Star Certificate - provides the name of the star, your personal message, and official details from the Celestial Name Database

4Star Map/Star chart - shows the exact location and coordinates of your star

5Optional: Frame - make your gift even more special with a matte black frame

6Optional: Constellation pendant - add gold pleated zodiac necklace in the recipient's zodiac sign

Important! Take into consideration the location of the recipient. It is sufficient to get a standard or a bright star if the recipient of a gift will be observing the star in the night sky in a place without a lot of illumination. If the recipient will be watching the star from an area with a lot of lightning around, it's better to pick a very bright star.

Reasons to buy a star

There are thousands of stories and fairytales about the magic of the stars. They are the symbol of something magnificent and, at the same time, unreachable. We can`t take a star and put it in the bag. But as the saying goes - If the hill will not come to Mahomet, Mahomet will go to the hill(Francis Bacon). It is your chance to go to the stars and become a part of them.

Reviews from our customers

Frequently asked questions

You can't legally buy a star because nobody owns them. We offer you a gift service to buy a star without absolute, physical rights on these celestial bodies. Previously mentioned means you would have a star, but you do not own it in legal terms.

It depends if you are giving this star to yourself or someone else. You need to think about the person you are giving the star to and name it after you or them or something important to you or them.

It's one of the best ways how to show someone how much you love them. It's a special, meaningful, and unique gift that will stay with the receiver forever.

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