The birth of Stars

Name a star gift is the perfect choice for every occasions. But how much do we really know about the amazingly beautiful up there in the sky? In this blog we would answer the good old question - How are the stars born?

Stars are born inside clouds of gas and dust known as nebulas which exist throughout the galaxy. Some nebulas form from the gravitational collapse of gas in the interstellar medium while others are the result of the death throes of a massive star.

Hydrogen clumps together inside these clouds of gas growing ever larger and hotter until eventually the early stage of a star called a protostar is formed. As gravity collapses the protostar temperatures and pressure in its core become high enough to trigger nuclear fusion. The star is now fusing hydrogen atoms creating an enormous amount of energy, this stage of a star's existence is known as its main sequence and depending on its size it could remain in this state for billions or possibly even trillions of years. Together the stars light up the universe in a variety of colors and most importantly our own star also provides the energy which allows life to flourish on our planet.

 Happy star naming!