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International Star Registry

The live data about stars in the registry has been provided and regularly updated by our official partner star-register.eu.

Registration Nr.
# Constellation Coordinates Name
B8B04AE41 Ursa Major RA 13h 40m 43s Dec 54° 40' 47.1'' Vangelis D. Karalis
1B6C06ABB Pyxis RA 8h 46m 49s Dec -34° 37' 19.9'' Michael E. Gillen
89F55454E Ursa Major RA 12h 27m 34s Dec 55° 42' 45.8'' Lucka
048176B6D Coma Berenices RA 12h 47m 13s Dec 22° 56' 14'' Freja
82D5DC6B8 Gemini RA 7h 14m 41s Dec 24° 53' 5.7'' POPPY
4C5102292 Pisces RA 1h 13m 44s Dec 7° 34' 31.6'' Marco&Mariana
EAFE92B6E Leo RA 10h 2m 26s Dec 9° 56' 17.7'' Marco&Mariana
94C704D74 Aquarius RA 22h 44m 2s Dec -10° 26' 34.3'' NICOLE
EFFE64DF8 Virgo RA 13h 14m 4s Dec -2° 48' 44.2'' Jenny Qaed
532E5A29A Aquarius RA 22h 49m 35s Dec -13° 35' 33.7'' Swift & Rio
6351A34BF Andromeda RA 1h 4m 4s Dec 38° 41' 18.9'' EmilyAndTao
343E4814F Sagittarius RA 19h 4m 24s Dec -31° 2' 50.8'' LEE HANGYUL
E2920DF0A Libra RA 14h 49m 18s Dec -24° 15' 5.2'' Planet1005
F4114BD49 Libra RA 15h 11m 49s Dec -16° 9' 32.1'' Planet 1004
3BF33C99B Libra RA 15h 13m 31s Dec -15° 31' 6.8'' Moshita
7B9DE4AA9 Libra RA 15h 0m 27s Dec -15° 25' 59.7'' Scott Cowan 60th
D293E8A5A Virgo RA 13h 13m 21s Dec -3° 29' 42.2'' La Grande Barbiero
92A0D0457 Libra RA 15h 15m 7s Dec -15° 9' 4.5'' Kriti Sharma
46C7E9C29 Scorpius RA 16h 17m 31s Dec -23° 3' 32.3'' Chosen Family
E78FCB31A Draco RA 18h 6m 0s Dec 66° 36' 32.9'' Konstantinos & Michaela

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How International Star Registry works?

After you register and name your star with us the information regarding your registration will be sent to our official partner “Star Register” at star-register.eu. The stars get registered and approved only by the administration of the database of Star Register. After successful registration in the international star registry, you will be provided with a unique registration number that gives the opportunity to observe the entry in the database and search for the information about the star. You will always be able to find your registered star in the official database of Star Register (also known as International Star Registry) since there are no validity terms for registrations. From there you will also have access to track your star and view it from the satellite. Star Register is among the largest independent, non-profit and non-governmental star registries in the world. Star Register works with various star naming and registering commercial entities across the globe, also including us. At the moment Star Register is the largest and the oldest online star registration database from Europe, at the same time Star Register is among the biggest databases in the world. Information regarding your star registration will be officially entered in the database of Star Register, which is constantly monitored and audited by experts and enthusiasts of astronomy. The following is aimed at tracking the available stars for registration and to ensure that no stars are named twice by different persons. Star Register always sets high standards for commercial star-naming entities in order for those to become an official partner. Our website is monitored by Star Register with the purpose of observing whether we always comply with the requirements set by Star Register. This involves such matters as customer overall satisfaction, the security of the website and technical implementation of registering stars and providing information to Star Register. Our services are of the highest quality in order to comply with the standards set by Star Register. In the last years, our work has been rated as excellent with passing every single requirement set by Star Register. We maintain the highest quality star naming and the passion of taking on every order as important as others for every single customer. We are proud to be an official partner of Star Register for more than 7 years as the partnership is getting stronger every year. Star Register's high partnership standards help us providing the best possible services to each and every customer and keep us getting more customer-friendly, so every single person that visits our website can feel welcome and appreciated. Being an official partner of Star Register guarantees almost instant registration possibilities. This means that registering stars through our service at StarRegistration.net is very fast, error-proof and official - all thanks to our partnership with Star Register. On average every star registration request of our customers gets processed and approved by Star Register within a time of up to 30 minutes. We guarantee our customers that every star is registered through the database of Star Register and every single registered star is at a unique location. Every named star is official and marked with a certification of proof. All-stars available for registration are also NASA approved to exist at the specific locations.

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