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About Us

About the Company

Starregistration.net is a company that provides high-quality Star Registration and Star Naming services to its customers. During the years of work we have gained an enormous experience in the field and consolidated our team into a certainly unique creation. We are proud to announce that at this stage we have surpassed the threshold of 50 000 customers that we have served throughout this journey.

We help our customers to prepare their gifts in a truly unique way, probably the way of giving they have never thought of before. We give our customers a possibility to register and name Stars! Not only these can be named and registered, stars can actually be presented as a gift also in physical way. We provide services of registering stars officially where the customer actually is provided with the Certificate of Registration and a Star Map with coordinates of a just named star. Our certificates and star maps are designed and produced according to the very high standards of printing art industry, which always leaves a timeless impression on the recipients of gifts.

About the Team

Our current team of experts consists of enthusiastic people from different backgrounds and people with contrasting experiences. What does unite us? Well, perhaps it is simply a passion for astrology and stars. However, when it comes to providing services to our customers, it is all about our passion to offer a truly amazing and unforgettable customer experience to our clients. Eventually, we have found out that this can be achieved by decent customer service, creative ideas and products of outstanding quality.

To be more specific on this, let us name just a portion of fields we concentrate on to serve our customers in the best possible way we are aware of:

Customer Service. These persons make sure our customers are assisted 24/7. They know everything and they are eager to help - perhaps these guys do not sleep at all.

Design and Decoration. Creative part of our employees make sure it looks good and it feels good. These persons are also responsible for custom solutions for our customers in terms of personalised designs and decors.

Printing and Shipping. This department is responsible for ensuring high-quality printing service where we carefully check every piece of a gift to be sent to You. Meanwhile a person responsible for shipping matters always monitors goods to be sent on time.

IT. These folks are responsible for monitoring the technical part of the website, where one of the most crucial areas is security. One of the highest priorities of ours is to ensure the transactions and data shared with us is always confident and secure.